Are You Still Doing Your Invoices the Old-Fashioned Way?


If you’re still doing your invoices the old-fashioned way, that is, you print them out and mail them to your customer or supplier, think again.

Electronic invoicing can save a lot of time and money plus it does away with all the disadvantages of the traditional invoicing process.

What are those disadvantages and how can electronic invoicing help you there?

One major advantage of electronic invoicing is that it does away with all the delays that will usually come about from mailing your invoices via postal mail. You will be able to send invoices of and Internet by using electronic invoices, their will not be any delays, no lost mail and last but not least no additional expenses for stamps.

Doing your entire invoicing electronically can likewise result in significant time savings and you won’t have to transfer any invoices from paper to your computer system. Not only will this also save your business a lot of time it can also help you keep mistakes at a minimum. And the advantage that electronic invoices can be organised a lot better as compared to having to deal with piles of paper work.

How does electronic invoicing work?

It may sound complicated at first but believe me it is not. You can continue to create your invoices as usual. You create a PDF invoice but rather than printing it and mailing it you will send it to a third-party service over the Internet. The service then converts the invoice for you and sends it away to its destination. The good thing about it is that those electronic invoice provider is charge only very little for their services which makes electronic invoicing attractive for smaller businesses.

If you have not looked into electronic invoicing yet I can highly recommend that you do so.


Interview with Ahmed and Justin Zayat, Owners of American Pharoah

American Pharoah has now beaten Golden Horn for the title of world’s best horse.

American Pharoah one is now the first horse in almost 40 years to win the US triple Crown and subsequently tack on the Breeders Cup Classic. With that, American Pharaoh has topped the Longines World’s Best Rachorse rankings, sitting now at 134, beating Golden Horn by 4 lbs.

American Pharoah’s history is certainly impressive. There was only one defeat for the successful horse, last year at the Travers Stakes at Saratoga.

The new award for American Pharoah comes just three days after he got all the required votes to win the US Horse of the Year award.

His trainer, Bob Baffert said “I’ve had a lot of talented horses but he just kept bringing it. He was that type of horse.”

Now, American Pharoah is retired at Ashford Stud in Kentucky with his fee set at US$200,000

If one thing is for sure, “American Pharoah is a horse of a lifetime” as  Ahmed Zayat stated. This is probably the most fitting description for one of the most successful racehorses in recent history.

For more horse racing news and free racing tips, check out The Horse Racing Pro.  The Horse Racing Pro is the U.K.’s reliable source for horse racing tips and strategies.

Why You Should Consider a Private School for Your Children


A private school can have many advantages for the education of your children. Especially those children who might require additional help to improve their grades are often faring way better in private schools as compared to a public school.

One major reason why private schools can be a much better alternative is that private schools are on average not as overcrowded.

Smaller classes mean that teachers have more time to dedicate to individual pupils. It is for that reason not surprising to see that grades in private schools can be better on average.

Private schools however can have more advantages for your children.

If we compare public schools and private schools here in the United Kingdom, it is often the private schools that have more variety when it comes to sports and other extracurricular activities.

You shouldn’t underestimate how important sports can be. Children can learn valuable qualities by participating in team sports such as soccer or hockey. It is often there were your children can learn things such as responsibility or leadership, qualities they cannot necessarily learn during math or chemistry classes.

If you want the best for your children don’t want to sacrifice anything regards to their education I can recommend that you look at private schools here in the UK. We fortunately have a large number of good private schools here so that you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right school for your children.

At Hertfordshire independent school you can learn more about the benefits of private schools for your children.

Businesses Urged To Train New Staff

This week is business fire safety week in Berkshire.

The Business Fire Safety Week is an initiative by the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service (RBFRS). It runs from Monday, September 7 to Sunday, September 13

One reason for Berkshire’s Business Fire Safety Week held in September is that it’s now the time were many businesses in the area take on seasonal staff in preparation of the upcoming holidays.

Many of those often temporary employees don’t have the same level of fire safety awareness as the other employees.

This is a great opportunity for businesses in Berkshire along with their staff to learn about fire safety.

There had been 5561 fires in commercial and retail buildings in the last two years in the United Kingdom. More than 2000 of those fires had been in industrial premises and 1898 fires in house and educational premises.

What’s worth noting is that the cost due to fire damages in the United Kingdom is increasing even with the number of fires itself decreasing.

The head of prevention protection at the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said to the press that it as more important than ever today that businesses go over the fire risk assessment, in particular in the busy periods of the year. Fatalities, injuries and significant financial losses could be prevented.

“RBFRS is supporting Business Fire Safety Week in order to encourage business owners to be extra vigilant and make sure that all fire precautions are taken to ensure a safe lead up to the seasonal period.”, he added.

You can learn more about the business Fire safety week at  If a commercial kitchen is part of your business operations you can also see Ansul fire suppression system for more information.

The Totally Thames Art Festival in London

thames-underwater sculptures

London’s river Thames will come to life at this year’s Totally Thames festival!

The art festival in the city will go on all throughout the month of September.

One of the festival highlights this year is the The Rising Tide underwater art exhibition by world renowned sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

What makes this exhibition stand out is that the sculptures are concealed and revealed by the daily ebb and flow of the tide. At low waters, the river is revealing four horses and riders.

The sculptures intend to highlight the role of the Thames as the lifeblood of the British capital.

Along with many art exhibitions and galleries, The Totally Thames Festival also features music, boat rides and plenty of opportunities to sample great food and drink along the river.

Check out the festival’s official website at

Great Musical Entertainment with the Singing Waiters

If you haven’t heard of The Singing Waiters yet, I think it’s time you should!

Maybe you know that surprise entertainers, such as singers and dancers that disguise themselves as waiters or performances such as flash mobs are currently very popular in the UK, especially in the bigger cities including London.

singing waitersI had the fortune to see the singing waiters a couple of times now and I can definitely see why they are so popular.

What impressed me most about the singing waiters was that they can do excellent performances with all sorts of musical styles.

There was one wedding reception which was very “fancy”, where the singing waiters made an excellent addition to the entire event. The other reception I attended was a lot more casual, this is where the singing waiters really got the crowd going.

Both times the guys appeared out of nowhere about late afternoon right after toasts. And of course, every time the singing waiters started with their performance, all the guests were entirely floored and had been cheering and clapping. And would you believe it or not, at both wedding receptions the singing waiters got standing ovations and it seemed to me as that the guests really didn’t want them to leave at the end :)

If you ask me, I know from experience that some folks spend a lot of money on their weddings and wedding receptions. And if you’re already worrying about so many things to make your wedding reception perfect you should definitely not ignore the musical entertainment. Don’t just book some average guys for your wedding reception.

You should Hire Singing Waiters – it will be more than worth it because they will turn your reception into an unforgettable event for everyone, take my word for this!