Are You Still Doing Your Invoices the Old-Fashioned Way?


If you’re still doing your invoices the old-fashioned way, that is, you print them out and mail them to your customer or supplier, think again.

Electronic invoicing can save a lot of time and money plus it does away with all the disadvantages of the traditional invoicing process.

What are those disadvantages and how can electronic invoicing help you there?

One major advantage of electronic invoicing is that it does away with all the delays that will usually come about from mailing your invoices via postal mail. You will be able to send invoices of and Internet by using electronic invoices, their will not be any delays, no lost mail and last but not least no additional expenses for stamps.

Doing your entire invoicing electronically can likewise result in significant time savings and you won’t have to transfer any invoices from paper to your computer system. Not only will this also save your business a lot of time it can also help you keep mistakes at a minimum. And the advantage that electronic invoices can be organised a lot better as compared to having to deal with piles of paper work.

How does electronic invoicing work?

It may sound complicated at first but believe me it is not. You can continue to create your invoices as usual. You create a PDF invoice but rather than printing it and mailing it you will send it to a third-party service over the Internet. The service then converts the invoice for you and sends it away to its destination. The good thing about it is that those electronic invoice provider is charge only very little for their services which makes electronic invoicing attractive for smaller businesses.

If you have not looked into electronic invoicing yet I can highly recommend that you do so.