Great Musical Entertainment with the Singing Waiters

If you haven’t heard of The Singing Waiters yet, I think it’s time you should!

Maybe you know that surprise entertainers, such as singers and dancers that disguise themselves as waiters or performances such as flash mobs are currently very popular in the UK, especially in the bigger cities including London.

singing waitersI had the fortune to see the singing waiters a couple of times now and I can definitely see why they are so popular.

What impressed me most about the singing waiters was that they can do excellent performances with all sorts of musical styles.

There was one wedding reception which was very “fancy”, where the singing waiters made an excellent addition to the entire event. The other reception I attended was a lot more casual, this is where the singing waiters really got the crowd going.

Both times the guys appeared out of nowhere about late afternoon right after toasts. And of course, every time the singing waiters started with their performance, all the guests were entirely floored and had been cheering and clapping. And would you believe it or not, at both wedding receptions the singing waiters got standing ovations and it seemed to me as that the guests really didn’t want them to leave at the end :)

If you ask me, I know from experience that some folks spend a lot of money on their weddings and wedding receptions. And if you’re already worrying about so many things to make your wedding reception perfect you should definitely not ignore the musical entertainment. Don’t just book some average guys for your wedding reception.

You should Hire Singing Waiters – it will be more than worth it because they will turn your reception into an unforgettable event for everyone, take my word for this!